Show User Current Location on Google Map using GeoLocation API in our Website
13/08/2019  View: 716
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In this example we explain that how to show user current location using Google map API  (Geolocation) using javascript in and Get user current location details like latitude andlongitude using Google map API (Geolocation) using javascript in

look at the above image in which my current location is display in Noida because i use this program in Ahmedabad so you use this code in your home then it will display the Google mapfor your city in which you are located.

this is very useful things or features of Google you can easily add in your website and show the location of the user.

If would you like to show user current location details in in Google map with latitude andlongitude details then we first need to get Google API(Application programming interface).herelatitude and longitude are the coordinates for search location, as well as get the coordinates of a location you've already found on Google Maps.