10 Competitor Analysis Tools to Improve Traffic to Your Website
18/08/2019  View: 811
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Often people still naively believe the old maxim, that if you create content for your website, traffic will somehow come to check it out. Alas running a site is never that easy. It can be highly competitive to hold the top slot in a Google search. Things are further complicated by Google paid ads, and other “features” taking up valuable real estate on the search engine results pages (SERPS). You can help yourself, in many ways, by carrying out good SEO practices. You can also boost your chances of people seeing your content by observing how your competitors act to gain traffic. Here are some of the many competitor analysis tools you can use to help you improve your website’s performance at the expenses of your competitors.

You can use these competitor analysis tools to show your competitors focus on their traffic-building activities, or even if their results are purely random because they don’t make much effort to follow SEO principles. The tools can tell you the key terms your competitors focus on, and possibly give you ideas for future content, to help you to outperform them in important searches.